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Mixed media
Paper, carbon paper, acrylic
Sixteen carbon paper prints, 29.7 x 42 cm each, 2017
The series consists of 16 works.

In this project, I painted people using smartphones in different times, environments and situations during the
day. Then I printed them with transfer paper and painted with acryl colors.

It interest me how the smart phones, which became almost an organ with the change and development of
technology affects and changes our lives.

0-Monks, which I used at the beginning of my title, was chosen to emphasize that smartphones are like a
new religion with their ability to change individuals and societies so much, making them indispensable and
controlling them.

The number 0 is a positive and non-negative number. “0” It is the only digit that cannot be represented in
Roman numerals. In many scales, zero represents the beginning.

0-Monks of the digital society of algorithms: Hakkında
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