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Sculpture, installation
Flex-LED Neon, Acrylplatte
Two Led Neon Signs, 80 x 58.25 cmx 80.00 x 80.00 cm, 2023

This project consists of two neon sculptures; Mind the Gap and Elibelinde.

Elibelinde (meaning “hands on hips” in Turkish) is a common motif in Turkish plain weavings and knotted carpets, and in various ways resembles a female figure. The figure’s arms are represented by two hooks facing inward, the woman’s body is usually represented by a triangle or rhombus, and her head is usually represented by a rhombus placed at its tip. The Elibelinde motif was considered a symbol of fertility and motherhood before this interpretation was proven to be based on a scientific forgery.

Flying uterus

Some “experts” believed that a woman’s body could not fly at 50 miles per hour. If the train reached that speed, they thought, our uterus would fly away from our body.

Historically, the railroad industry has been dominated by men. As a result, male principles have defined and shaped the industry since its inception.

On the other hand, since their beginnings, carpets have been woven by women and sold by men. Handloom weaving was generally considered women’s work, unlike the ironwork industry.

With the project ‘’Mind the gap’’ I want to draw attention to the inequality between men and women in order to create a bridge for valid equality.

These sculptures were exhibited on two different platforms of Zurich’s Thalwil train station.

Mind The Gap: Hakkında

Mind the Gap

Mind The Gap: Video

Exhibition ''Mind the Gap''

Mind The Gap: Video

Mind the Gap

Mind The Gap: Video
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