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My work focuses on the ways in which the individual relates to concepts such as: identity, society, gender, culture, memory, language, perception and desire.

In this context, I define my art as the field of visual thought that is shaped by the process. I use a variety of mediums, such as photography, performance, print, collage, sculpture, installation, sound video and painting to explore the aforementioned concepts.

These times are often defined as hyper-reality, where lies and the truth are entwined and difficult to tell apart. I look for the truth and its various indicators, actions, meanings. Being a foreigner, I see myself as an observer and experimenter and this connection makes the process important and valuable. As observing and experiencing are the core of my creative development, my work always combines a socio-political concern with my own expe riences and adventures. The associations I have created allow me to create my next project by determining my practice. As i am observing the concrete world, i create an abstract idea, then transform the idea into a concrete expression.

Statement: Özgeçmiş
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