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Twenty Hahnemühle fine art prints, 24 x 18 cm
Twenty Polaroid photo prints, 6.2 x 6.2 cm, 2020

The project consists of 20 photographs.

In this project ‘’Me as Kenny McCormick in playgrounds’’ I reenacted my own death scenes in the neighborhood I live in while the media have been constantly pushing fear of the death toll since the pandemic started.

KennyMccormick is a main character in the animated television series South Park in which Kenny would suffer
an excruciating death before returning alive and well in the next episode with little or no explanation.

Corona pandemic is the “perfect storm” on which to focus our anxiety, paranoia, and obsessive thinking.

Even though the restrictions have been less stringent in the country and region where I live compared to the others, The fear of death was changing the way we live and the places I saw when I went into the forest where social

distance rules had to be followed were marked with barricade tape.

Me as Kenny McCormick on playgrounds: Hakkında
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