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Newspaper, duct tape, balloons
The boat, 1 x 3.5 m
HD video #1, 05 min 42 sec
HD video #2, 01 min 32 sec, 2015

The theme of the art project “The Wreck” is about the refugees who lost their lives in the Mediterranean.

The boat consists of printed news about refugees in different languages.

The full exhibition consists of two videos and an installation of the boat, shown without balloons to depict the
wreckage that was left behind.

The first video is an abstract staging of the boat and the obstacles it has to overcome in order to set sail.

The second video shows the souls who perished by combining images of flying balloons and sound effects of
drowning to symbolize their last living moments.

Das Wrack: Hakkında

Das WRACK / day 01

Das Wrack: Video

Das WRACK / day 02

Das Wrack: Video
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