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Rug, fake silk, thread
Embroidery, 89 x 97 cm, 2017

Gurbet Kafası, Homesick mood, Kanaken Laune

With this hand embroidery I wanted to reflect my mood of being away from the country of my birth.

My work has 3 titles in 3 languages. Some words cannot be fully translated into some languages, and some
words are unique to the language itself.

So I made a word play through the titles with different languages.

Gurbet kafası is a very arabesque mood and is in a slang form.

It depicts a moment when I hit the bottom of my longing for the homeland.

Kanaken Mood titel is an expression in which i express the way how i percieve it.

The titel ‘’Kanaken Laune’’ is a reaction to the word which is used oft against me during discrimination and

Kanake, Kanak or Kanacke is a mostly derogatory word in German slang for people from Southeastern Eu-
rope, the Near and Middle East and North Africa.

And the third title ‘‘Homesick mood’’ also making the bridge that allows me to communicate my situation to
the rest of the world.

Gurbet Kafası: Hakkında
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