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Fourteen thongs, fourteen round hangers, fourteen polaroids, two magnifying glasses
Fourteen Polaroid photo prints, each 6.2x6.2 cm
Fourteen round hangers, each diameter 35cm, 2023

For project MEN ARE FROM VENUS, I transferred misogynistic sayings from everyday Turkish to men and translated them into English.

The way the slogans are presented on thongs is inspired by underwear stalls in the street bazaars in Istanbul, which I remember from my childhood. Male vendors wore bras on their heads or pulled the underwear over their clothes and advertised their wares.

For the accompanying Polaroid series, I photographed various men dressed only in the printed thongs.

Visitors are invited to view the photos with a magnifying glass.

Here are the sayings I use in my project. 

What you call a man who saves himself before marriage.
There are no ugly men, there are only neglected men.
A man who is flirt, will know how to tie his wife to his home.
A man who cant cook pastries is not a man.
Aren’t these men ashamed to be walking around with hairy legs? It’s just not aesthetic. 

A topless man on a beach is like a home without a curtain, its either for sale or rent.
If my husband wants to, he can work.
There is a Nuri for every woman in paradise.
If all men are educated, women can not find one to marry.
Pink buses to protect women will be available soon.
Sorry! If a man walks seductively like that, a woman will do anything.
If my husband doesn’t cook before i come home i will show him who the boss is.
He asked if i was a woman? He broke my femininity so i killed him.
Man is the dirt of woman’s hand. 

Fotos: Frank Kleinbach

Fotos: Maxim Shipko


Men are from Venus

Men are from Venus: Video

Men are from Venus 2023

Men are from Venus: Video
Men are from Venus: Hakkında
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