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Panthéon, Paris, 2023

Hair for the equality of women. Ezgi Böttger approaches the consecrated place of the Panthéon in a simple dress and offers her cut-off braid of hair as a kind of sacrifice. In doing so, she reminds us that since the burial of Sophie Berthelot in the Panthéon in 1907, just six women have found their way into the hallowed halls, the most recent being Josephine Baker, who found her rest here in 2021, not in the flesh but with a cenotaph - compared to 75 men. But who wouldn't think in our day of brave women in Iran cutting off their hair to demonstrate against the compulsory headscarf.

Text: Günter Baumann, Camera: Jürgen Bubeck, Photograph: Serge D’IGNAZIO

Hair Cut: Hakkında
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